Film Review: Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Blue Gold: World Water Wars, 2009
Directed by Sam Bozzo
89 minutes


The film, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, addresses a very pressing topic: our use of water.

It is only from liquid water that all known life exists. Search for life? Search for water. As is evident through ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians and the Mayans, when the water dries up, so does the civilisation. No water. No people.

Water is the source of life. Yet, only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water. With much of that now being polluted, where does that leave us?… [Read the rest of this post on]

Beagle Rescue in the News

If you haven’t heard of the Beagle Freedom Project, now is the time.

From numbers to names, the Beagle Rescue Project is a service of Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME) and works to free beagles, along with other animals from research testing labratories. Merely a labratory number when they are first rescued, they are given a name; a loving, caring home; and taste freedom for the first time.

A recent operation involved … [View this post in full at]

Children’s Book Review: That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things, 2009
Children’s Book
Written and Illustrated by Ruby Roth


Almost immediately upon opening That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, by Ruby Roth, I realized this book was more than just some average children’s story book. There is a detailed and explanatory nature to this book which not only provides a clear, informative read, but it also respects the intellect of children and their ability to follow and comprehend the story’s narrative and message. … [To view this post in full visit]

Featured Vegan Recipe: No Fat Vegan Chili

Looking for a healthy, low-fat, yet warm and satisfying meal? Check out this No Fat Vegan Chili by Potato Strong.


This oil-free, fat-free recipe is chock-full of tomatoey goodness! Vary the spices/chili mix to suit your liking. This recipe can go nicely as a “sloppy-joe” style meal as well. Just find your favourite whole grain bread, ladle some chili on top and enjoy! [… to see this post in full visit The Vegan Junction]